1. Disclaimers and Level 1


i fucking hate writing ...
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Back in December while reviewing something terrible, I got to wondering: how hard is it, really, to write something decent? Not great, but good enough to run? Could you do it in an hour?

So I paid Hartin for a map, wrote something and put it on DriveThru. It took about two hours.

This is NOT an example of good writing, or adventure design, or anything else. It was PURLY an experiment in "can I write something in an hour", as are the follow on levels. Clearly, it does some things that I have an interest in, but there are many roads to a good adventure and I'd hate for someone to look at this and think "Oh, so THIS is what Bryce wants ..." No. This is just something I threw together in an hour.

More commentary as we go along.

[You can follow along with this commentary; the previews show the entire adventure and I give them away on the Patreon. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/14160/Craig-Pike]