1.2 Tables, bullets, Whitespace


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bold the right fucking thing
offset boxes
white space

Tables, bullets, whitespace, etc
The DM needs to be able to find data easily. If important data is mixed in to the free form text of the adventure then the DM will need to hunt for it. Bolding, bullet points, whitespace, tables and other offset techniques can all assist in drawing the DMs attention to information quickly. A typical paragraph with multiple sentences about a series of rumors would make it hard to find and use in play. Separating those rumors out in to bullet points helps the DM locate the information more easily.

Likewise, bolding can immediately call the DMs attention to creatures, or other important features, of the encounter. Whitespace, such as indents, can help as well, as can shaded text boxes or offset boxed text.

It is important, though, to keep in mind that the correct information needs to be highlighted in the text, otherwise the DM's eyes are going too be drawn to the wrong topics.
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