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The Caverns of Steel

By Nickolas Zachary Brown Five Cataclysms OSR Levels: Mid to High? This place sits on the border between the mundane world and the world of machines. It is a horrendous mishmash of metal mechanical components, contorted and broken and pressed … Continue reading

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Tomb of the Frost-Walker

By Nickolas Zachary Brown Five Cataclysms OSR Mid-Levels There is but one mountain in these lands for which the frost never abates. Even in the height of Summer, when crops wilt in the heat, this peak continue to emanate a … Continue reading

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The One-Hundred Clones of Timothy the Wise

By Nickolas Z. Brown Five Cataclysms OSR Games/Five Cataclysms “High Level” … and he means it A powerful Wizard named Timothy the Wise has cloned himself a hundred times, and all of the clones have run amok, eager to differentiate … Continue reading

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The Sunken Fort

Nickolas Z Brown Five Cataclysms OSR Levels 1-4 On the edge of a swamp beneath an old forest lay an even older fort, constructed for some ancient and unknowable purpose. The shadows are stronger here, and the scent of madness … Continue reading

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The Forbidden Barrow

By Nickolas Brown Five Cataclysms OSR Level 1-3 This is a Forbidden Barrow, where a corrupt, assassinated King and his aides are entombed, sealed off such that the world may forget them. (It’s it 9am and I am drinking single … Continue reading

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House of Flowers

By Christopher Audette Five Cataclysms Five Cataclysms “Mid-level” In a warm place sits a mansion made entirely of many-hued flowers, their vines forming the unnatural architecture of mankind. The house grew around two entities, the Heart of Eternity, and the … Continue reading

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