New Comic and Adventure Module from me


Haven't posted in a while, but you've all been very kind in adventure advice to me so I'm hoping you'll indulge me by checking out a new project that's in it's last couple days on Kickstarter.

I'm a comic book creator (Graveyard of Empires for Image, Miskatonic for Aftershock, lots of stuff for DC & Marvel), and with artist Chris Anderson I've created a combination comic book and OSR/5E RPG module called CHAOTIC NEUTRAL that's on Kickstarter right now:



The comic is inspired by the so-called Satanic Panic, and includes a fake "Chick Tract" by Ryan Browne (Curse Words, God Hates Astronauts) pretending to warn kids about it.


If you're a comics fan we've got a murderer's row of artists doing monster trading cards with stats for new monsters on the back - Dan Panosian, Tim Seeley, Ryan Browne, Jeremy Haun, Kyle Strahm, Tom Neely, Jim Rugg and Max Dunbar (he draws the official D&D comic, hopefully we don't get him fired:)
The module is a sandbox that's mix between Keep on the Bordlerlands, Village of Hommlet and a DCC funnel.

We're funded, but we're doing cool stretch goals like cardboard fold-up miniatures that everyone will be getting.

(also of note, the module is fully written, the comic is fully written and illustrated)

Anyway, please check it out and hit me up here or on social media at @marksable if you have any questions.