Should be playing D&D instead
Gents, we ought not clutter up Bryce's forum with our own offshoot thing. I've made a forum for us to collaborate and work in, something we can self-administrate and that's set up in a more structured way conducive to development.

For obvious reasons, GTC members should be active on the forum - all others will have strict privilege controls and/or be booted. We can come back here if we are looking for public input into stuff, but for now we should confine actual work to our own OFFICIAL work forum.

All GTC members will be given moderator privileges and all-access passes. This will allow access to the work area. Visitors can see the idea spaces and lore stuff, but will not be able to get into the work area. Sign up with the same name as here please, so we know who we all are.

Bookmark it!


If anyone has an issue with this, speak up.
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Should be playing D&D instead
Members can start migrating their work onto the new forums. Try to keep only the pertinent stuff - no need to keep all the discussions and off-topic posts and whatnot. If you want to re-post a summary of what ideas you've been toying with so far, that works. if you want to post your work from scratch to ditch the thread clutter, that works too.


My my my, we just loooove to hear ourselves don't we?
The Proboard looks pretty amazing, but I'm not sure I'm down with this mass migration. I'm afraid it'll kill this thing dead.
Are we bothering Bryce with all this chatter? As far as I can tell, we're the last threads still active on this board. I kind of saw this as a tribute to and practical application of everything we had been discussing in the other sections.
I'm having a great time with this (we're in the middle of an intercontinental move and I still found a couple hours to go crazy on a Bowmans Pastures map today) and I definitely don't want the project to die the death, so I'm in for whatever the rest of you guys want to do. DP's solution is definitely way more organized, I just feel weird moving the whole project off this forum. That's my two cents; looking forward to hearing what the rest of you think!


Should be playing D&D instead
The thing on here is disjointed and crazy, and having to throw everything into a single section is in no way helpful. Votes get muddled in with off-topic conversations, ideas get muddled in with finalized products, non team members chiming in, it's bedlam.

We are at an early point in the project, and I figure we'll want a more permanent spot to park this thing. It's better to get this going now while we are still young in the project and can weather a potential for early bail-outs, than it would be to have things fall apart later on. We still have members who haven't even begun to contribute anything yet.

I'm not saying there isn't still a place for activity on here, but it would be better to formally have everything over there - just need to make sure you migrate anything worth keeping. We are 8 people - this shouldn't be too painful a move.

This forum is for general adventure talk and reading Bryce Patreon updates anyway, not product work, development and collaboration. There's nothing that says you can't still spitball ideas among the general crowds here, but at the end of the day we are the GTC, and we are beholden to one another before the "randos".
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So ... slow work day? Every day? Ive said before, I'll have to jump in later and catch up. I'm finishing a HUGE city adventure for OSRIC--The City of Vermilion and organizing a Kickstarter to hopefully be kicked off at the end of the month. Lot's of moving parts!

But I'm still interested in messing around with the Game Theory CO-OP later on if I'm still welcome.


Should be playing D&D instead
I have nothing against the move.
I will stay active here as is, even if the GTC stuff is elsewhere.
I mean I still need to win DPs next contest :p

Full disclosure:
I asked for moderation rights (subforum creation, moving and pinning threads and so on) for one of our group a little while ago, but nothing came of it till now.
To be clear, this isn't an accusation of some kind against bryce or Prince ... everyone is busy with their stuff ;)


Should be playing D&D instead
I'll migrate anything that the stubborn people have written here and refuse to post there, though I don't know why people are averse to having something for our group that's also owned and managed by our group.