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  1. Grützi

    5e - why you think it sucks, and why you're wrong

    Well we germans are known to be hilariously racist ourselves ;)
  2. Grützi

    Completely Unfathomable

    Wow cool. DMed Operation Unfathomable a few times... real blast that one. One of the definitive gonzo adventures out there. I was afraid to enver see Odious Uplands... cool, indeed.
  3. Grützi

    Lair Contest

    Love the idea. I have a hilariously bad track record of finishing stuff... but I would love to take part nonetheless ;) Even If I don't finish something I can still judge :)
  4. Grützi

    Site Information--Ranked Categories?

    Bryce reviewed 12 Adventures from the Merciless Merchants and awarded 8 of those "the Best". Four are added to his "my favorites" list... I think the Merchants are doing fine... who needs a ranking? :P
  5. Grützi

    AI art

    Glad you're allright ;) Looking forward to getting bothered about Adventures by you again :P
  6. Grützi

    General Discussion

    That's because weaving includes very repetetive motions. You can essentially "dark soul" a weaver by learning their moveset and defeating them easily. City guards on the other hand are much more chaotic (being corrupt and drunk most of the time) so their moveset is much more erratic. :P
  7. Grützi

    The state of Post-OSR content

    Yeah, the Jedi order as shown in the movies only... is kinda problematic in many, many ways. They are basically a pseudo-religious-elite-professional-military-structure that is nearly completely uprooted from the surrounding society. Yet they still "serve" the interests of that society in very...
  8. Grützi

    The state of Post-OSR content

    Most stuff isn't as bad or good as one remembers it. and don't forget... now you have three new horrible movies to take the edge of from the last three horrible movies :)
  9. Grützi

    5e - why you think it sucks, and why you're wrong

    WotC Sad, but true.
  10. Grützi

    Module design: difficulty as a shape

    when i plan/design for my homegames i tend to go with the ascending hills shape. You start slow, then some smaller hills to get the party "up to speed"... then follows a rather steep cliff, with some more bumps towards the end. Like this. Grey is the "normal" path of challenges in the...
  11. Grützi

    The Most Ambitious Adventure?

    I always thought about doing a mixture of "Touring the planes" and "Moby Dick". Basically the PCs somehow get swept up in a revenge plot in which a crazy NPC and his planehopping ship (think spelljammer) search the elemental and even stranger planes to finally kill the eldritch abomination that...
  12. Grützi

    Statting NPCs for B/X OSE

    There is a Normal Human in the Monster Book of B/X OSE. For variance play around with the stats like hp, THACO, saves, morale and the others... based on occupation, age, personality and such. AC and Att you base on weapons and armor. Maybe give them a special ability that is fun and not...
  13. Grützi

    Bryce said...

    You can actually mock germans on vacation everywhere... I think it's even written somewhere in the Grundgesetz Only be careful when you mock german cars, german football and the beautiful german language. Also when me and the family visited the netherlands for vacation my wife warned me that...
  14. Grützi

    Ambiance, Allusions, and Limitations

    Yeah... come at me you buggers... I take you all out... I... oh wait... that rather sounds like praise... in that case... carry on gentlemen, carry on :P
  15. Grützi

    Post Mortem & Results

    @The1True You rang? :P No Problem man. Take it and make it your own. I'm glad if that stuff ever sees publication in any form ;) And If you have questions or such just shot me a PN... or sic Malrex on me :P
  16. Grützi

    Some pricing updates.

    Done. That'll be 24,99$ :P
  17. Grützi

    Post Mortem & Results

    Heresy... burn it... burn it with fire
  18. Grützi

    The state of Post-OSR content

    Interesting :) I think Stuart simply is tired of much of the wokeness and shitstorms on social media and has elected to not play by "their" rules anymore.
  19. Grützi

    The rhythm of life

    Together with Gravity, Electromagnetism, the weak and strong Force Bryce's adamant will to power through mountains of garbage for the sake of other people is one of the core forces keeping the multiverse together. I fear the day when Bryce decides to skip reviewing an adventure because he...
  20. Grützi

    Post Mortem & Results

    Nice Thread The1True :) Regarding my personal involvement in the GTC: All in all I had great fun ;) I didn't really drop out but rather wandered away elsewhere :/ Some RL stuff came up at the time, my involvement with Malrex and the Merciless Merchants got more intense and I sometimes felt a...