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    [Kickstarter] The Coming of Winter, but let's talk about something else...

    Just backed this kickstarter: all the best, Malrex, and I hope you climb over the top.
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    The state of Post-OSR content

    I was referring to the shift to more story-oriented play. Tending as it does to produce the same series of hackneyed story beats, with linear story paths, a progression of "saving" storylines (save the village, save the town, save the kingdom, save the world) and always a new "BBEG", with...
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    Random Encounter Tables

    Is RWM supposed to be Random Wandering Monster? Hexcrawl design is still in a really primitive state, with a lot less gameplay experience and best-practices thinking out there. Personally I think that random hex generation as a source of meaningful and long-term gameplay content is a terrible...
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    The state of Post-OSR content

    I think the shift was one part players and designers wanting something different (because by the mid 80s D&D was already ten years old and for a lot of people there were only so many open-ended dungeons one could venture into), and one part not yet understanding that the difference they wanted /...
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    Community Membership

    Yeah, that's a classic issue. I'm reminded of Lester Bangs and his discussions on this topic with regards to music criticism. I don't think it's anywhere near as much of an issue with RPGs though. The community is small and in particular incredibly decentralized once you go past 5th edition...
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    City Supplements or Adventures

    I was inspired enough to track down an OG copy of The Free City of Haven (2nd version) and do some plotting out, so yeah (though I'm more focusing on making an interesting home base than a formal city adventure proper). Throw the Chaosium's Cities book and the Nocturnal Table in that box and...
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    City Supplements or Adventures

    My general issue with city adventures is that they're often as much settings as adventures, and that makes them far less useful to me because you can't just plop them down in your campaign in the same way you can a dungeon. A city means something: it's a major place, living and linked to the...
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    Yes: mush, mush!
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    [Shill] In the Hall of the Third Blue Wizard

    Cool, thanks for the heads-up.
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    Trilemma Adventures Compendium

    I've been kind of on the fence on this one for a while, but I missed this thread the first time around and am now thinking it could fit my hexcrawl mini-dungeon requirements. Thanks!
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    Bryce said...

    The only place that could out-Wisconsin Wisconsin would be rural Canada, so it makes sense.
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    Bryce said...

    You're in Alberta?
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    A Historical Look at the OSR

    I wrote it. Pretty much as soon as I got into the OSR I decided to write my own game, not really because of any issues per se but because I've been tinkering since I was a kid for whatever game I get into. But I wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing, so I needed to research; being a...
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    Merry Christmas

    All the best, everyone. :)
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    Some pricing updates.

    That's pretty bad-ass.
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    Hex Crawls

    It's a great post, as would be expected from Melan. As for your dislikes, I see what you mean and they're not unusual complaints, but I often think that what is needed with a hexcrawl is the acknowledgement that it's a fundamentally different scale and mode of play, and then expectations...
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    Introducing the PrinceofNothingPresents No-Artpunk Contest!

    I'm looking forward to seeing these. The idea of a compilation sounds quite nice.
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    The popularity of tabletop roleplaying and explosive growth in digital sales. Interesting DrivethruRPG numbers yet again.

    Heh, I'm in the same boat. I'm proud of what I create, but I can't stand telling anyone about it unless it's directly relevant to the conversation at hand. The vast majority of advertising from others irks me as well, unless it's from a trusted source (I don't want to miss out on good stuff...
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    Example Input - Investigations & Gimping

    I think an easy way to measure whether you've moved from reasonable anticipation to frustrating gimpery is in the probable reaction of the players. A inhabited lich's lair is an occupied defensive structure, and the expectation of defenses will be higher as a result. There's something inside...
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    Example Input - Investigations & Gimping

    I might clarify that there's a difference between the campaign and the adventure in this regard: that it's perfectly okay to say that Speak with Dead or Flight or whatever doesn't exist as part of your campaign world, and perhaps that's where your adventure came out of. However, an adventure is...