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  1. bryce0lynch

    Stretch Images on Main Site?

    Fuckign wordpress keeps changing shit. Now, to resize, I type the width, 500, and it claims to auto-resize to scale. Which it is obviously not
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    Getting 404 errors on

    I've been working off and on on two problems: ssl redirects and speed. I added, a few months ago, some caching and other "optimizations" which I think made things worse (the resource messages, etc) , so I started pulling it, and site backups, out of the config a few days ago. This is also...
  3. bryce0lynch

    The state of Post-OSR content

    Direct Action, my comrades! Run OSR D&D in game stores. Ignore the barbs and initial low attendance and then glory in the eventual groundswell Be the change you want to see in the world
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    Spam Increasing

    Sorry, I've been out of service for a bit I just disabled the spam detector. Let's see if that fixes things for folks?
  5. bryce0lynch

    OGL 1.1 = old school tactics

    All they've got is trademark enforcement and threats. Everyone will get a C&D from the megacorp and someone will eventually be willing to challenge one it in such a way that Risk Management will recommend an settlement/agreement, just like with Mayfair ... so that their threats don't become...
  6. bryce0lynch

    Community Membership

    You can't be their buddy, and pal around with others and have a good time; it simply will not work, humans are not built that way
  7. bryce0lynch

    Community Membership

    As a creator, you can't be a part of the community AND be a reviewer.
  8. bryce0lynch

    Community Membership

    THis is coming up because of a review I recently saw
  9. bryce0lynch

    Yo, I'm "selling" this shit

  10. bryce0lynch

    Yo, I'm "selling" this shit

    Also, I'm getting the fuck rid of the following, but I feel like I need to ask market rates: Downtown: The Air War Over Hanoi - wargame Renegade Legion Prefect - wargame Burgle Bros 2 - The Casino Caper
  11. bryce0lynch

    Yo, I'm "selling" this shit

    I don't want this shit. You can have this shit. Maybe, for like the cost of Media Mail, so it doesn't cost me to throw it away? Also, I wouldn't say No to a hardcopy of DCO or Operation Unfathomable A custom print of the 5e basic rules, spiral bound Grimmsgate Death in the Painted Canyons...
  12. bryce0lynch

    Reasons I Did Not Write Today

    It is the comedians that speak the truth :) I had 44 things on my ToDo list today. I did fifteen of them, including "work." Tomorrow will be a new day! :)
  13. bryce0lynch

    Reasons I Did Not Write Today

    My brand new jeep drivers seat broke. I can't drive it. It's 3 months old, with 3k miles, and it's going to take three weeks to get an appointment at the dealer. I think the pat is $4. I can go get a 3/8thx3 socket extension to block a track to fix it, evidentially. I'm supposed to loan the jeep...
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    Time for GenCon, Botches!
  15. bryce0lynch

    Best mini-dungeons?

    What's the despot adventure? That one
  16. bryce0lynch

    Hex Crawls

    Good post @robertsconley I like the "what can we see obviously from where I am" part, and "not being an asshole DM"
  17. bryce0lynch

    I hope this fucking place burns to the fucking ground

    I cannot fucking stand it here. It's nothig but a complete shit sdhow day after fucking day. I have had to eat so much shit this month, this week and today that it is absolutly fucking unbearable. Fucking customers bith. The fucking SD makes excuses and bitch. I try to get involved since they...
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    I am seriously dragging ass
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    Progress is slow. I'm busy getting laid