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  1. grodog

    Why Assassins are awesome!!!

    In AD&D 1e, they’re not really equal: on page 100 in the DMG, NPCs get stat bonuses by race and class in addition to those already provided in the PHB. I assume this because so many NPCs end up fighting a PC party solo, but I’m not sure. Could just be a sign of the stat inflation times ;) I...
  2. grodog

    Why Assassins are awesome!!!

    I like assassins, and two players have them as PCs in my current game—one an olven assassin, the other a half-orc fighter/assassin (who’s from The Horned Society). In fact, the half-orc used his disguise ability on Saturday night to try to fool fighting-retreating goblins to stand their ground...
  3. grodog

    So I was reading the Monster Manual...

    Good eye!—I’ve been building Greyhawk-style encounter charts for the Azure Sea and points south, and have noticed this same thing recently, WM specifically with buccaneers. Looking back at OD&D, in M&T, the chances are different (higher chance for a higher-level MU, lower chance for a...
  4. grodog

    Getting 404 errors on

    404s are coming up in reddit discussion too: I’ve been seeing these resource limits messages too, on and off the past few weeks. Allan.
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    No Artpunk v2 - print edition yet?

    Hey Prince--- Any word on when a print version of No Artpunk v2 will be available? Allan.
  6. grodog

    Introductory Adventure Covers

    While definitive is a bit of a stretch, I say "Saazh-canth". Adrian's site is pretty great, especially if you're trying to sort out boxed set contents, or look at back cover art/text. I prefer it to the ToEE cover, myself. I love the sacrifice in the mono cover---in particular the blood...
  7. grodog


    This is where barter and favors/exchanges come in, in my campaigns: do X mission and we'll pay for your level 4 and 5 training costs; we'll restore your lost levels if you perform a favor in the future; we'll take your 2 +1 swords, +1 splintmail, and that +1 sling and give you a +2 mace and a...
  8. grodog

    Completely Unfathomable

    When I was catching up with him by email (alas the new books weren't going to be available in time for GaryCon), it sounded like he had some more irons in the fire :D Allan.
  9. grodog

    The state of Post-OSR content

    And it's so critical that I bump the map % to 20% in my campaigns. Agreed, along with class-based guilds/organizations or teachers/mentors which cover nearly all of the PC types in AD&D: clerics, druids, rangers, paladins, magic-users, illusionists, thieves, assassins, monks, and...
  10. grodog

    Introductory Adventure Covers

    - Top of mind front covers: D3 blue version Eclavdra, H2 Mines of Bloodstone Orcus Parkinson, S4 behir Otus, X5 Temple of Death montage Tim Truman - Top of mind back covers: A2 cloaker Otus, B1 monochrome Tower, B2 keep by Otus, D3 vampire/succubus, S2 monochrome WPM Otus, S2 color Elric Dee...
  11. grodog

    Good "Wizard Tower" adventures

    De nada. Matt Finch also designed a fun wizard tower in Knockspell #4 worth checking out: "The Tower of Mouths, or, The Doom of Mordraas Kor". Bryce thought its decent but not great: Allan.
  12. grodog

    Reasons I Did Not Write Today

    This is why I changed jobs back in April. I'm doing more designing and writing, which is great, but work-life-gaming balance is still not quite the tripod I'd prefer ;) Allan.
  13. grodog

    Good "Wizard Tower" adventures

    I designed a drow sage (of demons) wizard tower set in Erelhei-Cinlu, which is free at (and also appeared in Oerth Journal # 28). Allan.
  14. grodog

    The Power of Myth

    FWIW, Campbell's work had, I thought, largely been discredited except for its inspirational value to enterprising DMs ;) See for a very high-level summary, if you're interested in the creditibility of his works (vs...
  15. grodog

    The Power of Myth

    Got you covered on a Friday night, squeen!: Allan.
  16. grodog

    City Supplements or Adventures

    I recently picked up Slumbering Tsar, but haven't looked at it yet. Allan.
  17. grodog

    Best mini-dungeons?

    I've started to key some of these, and here are some samples from among the maps: Allan.
  18. grodog

    City Supplements or Adventures

    I remember liking Bard's Gate sufficiently to include it in my list of favorite city supplements; I've never played in it, to date. I was never a huge fan of Barakus---always prefereed the Vault of Larin Karr and Tombs of Abysthor from NG in their heydey (most of their earlier stuff outside...
  19. grodog

    How do you actually Planescape?

    That might almost make me consider being vaguely interested in DS. Allan.
  20. grodog

    Bandit Lairs

    De nada! Allan.