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Undead Island

By Jamie Pierson Cyclops Games Swords & Wizardry Levels 1-3 Will the heroes have what it takes to head to the island that has been given the name “Undead Island”? Will they be brave enough to handle what challenges come … Continue reading

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Writing with Style: An Editors advice for RPG Writers.

By Ray Vallese Rogue Genius Games Writing With Style: An Editor’s Advice for RPG Writers presents 45 pages of concise tips on simple ways to make your roleplaying game writing cleaner and clearer. This guide doesn’t show you how to … Continue reading

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(5e) Giantslayer

By M. T. Black & Richard Jansen-Parkes Self Published 5e Levels 1-2 Yegor Bonecruncher is the most ferocious hill giant in the land. When he begins terrorising the small village of Frickley, the inhabitants have only one hope – the … Continue reading

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(DCC) Unseen Vaults of the Optic Experiment

By Johan Noor Stockholm Kartel LotFP Level 3 Gruzx the Ever Watching – the infamous villain of the lands – has vanished. Howls and cries seem to come from the old tomb. And now everyone is complaining about bad eyesight? … Continue reading

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The Barbarian King

The Gabor Lux First Hungarian d20 Society OSRIC Levels 4-6 The Barbarian King pits the company against the ruined empire of the mountain barbarians… and the evil that still slumbers therein! This gloomy wilderness and dungeon scenario features deals with … Continue reading

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(5e) Heir and Back Again

By Jonathan Nelson, Serena Nelson, Jensen Toperzer AAW Games 5e Level 1 Young Joylene Crumb always felt that life on a farm wasn’t for her… but with her adoptive father missing and rumors of a black dragon ravaging the countryside, … Continue reading

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(DCC) Fate of the Ruthless Wizard

By Marc Elsenheimer Self Published DCC Level 0 The old tower looms over your small village. In the past it was a sign of resilience, but now it has turned into something else. As you step out of your small … Continue reading

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(5e) The Secrets of Iriestine’s Order

By Cory Mann Horror Module Publishing 5e Level 1 Deep in the heart of the forest, there is rumour of an underground temple forgotten by the ages, built for a god long dead. You have been tasked by a small … Continue reading

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The Dark of Hot Springs Island

By Donnie Garcia, Jacob Hurst, Evan Peterson, Patrick Stuart The Swordfish Islands OSR This 200 page adventure is a jam-packed hex crawl on an island full of factions and weirdness. Close attention to both usability and imagination have resulted in … Continue reading

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The Sinister Stone of Sakkara

By Alex Macris, Matthew Skail Autarch ACKs Level 1 Over a millennium ago, when the borderlands were in the dark grip of the Zaharan Empire, the empire’s sorcerer-priests erected a profane temple to house the terrible artifact known as the … Continue reading

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