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Twelve Days of Dadi’Van

By Thom Wilson ThrowiGames S&W Levels 3-5 Dwarves from the village of Whundarn have a serious problem: they have been unable to produce female children for several years. An ancient and strange affliction has returned to the remote mining town … Continue reading

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Saving Sujeira’s Soul

By Ben Gibson Coldlight Press Pathfinder Levels 1-3 It is the year of our Lord 1452; the world is changing. But here in Village Sujeira, time seems to have stopped. From misty sunrise to dusty sunset, the ebb and flow … Continue reading

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The Bishop’s Secret

By Mark Chance Spes Magna Games Swords & Wizardry Level 4-6 Bishop Pausanias, gray haired with merry blue eyes and respectable girth, has long been one of the city’s pillars. He is famed for his charity and the holy protection … Continue reading

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Tower of the Black Sorcorers

By R. Nelson Bailey Dungeoneers Guild Games OSR Level 5-8 The cabal of sorcerers has dwelled with their baleful tower for hundreds of years. Now something evil stirs in the town of Bal-Curz — strange happenings of malefic magics and … Continue reading

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(5e) The Chapel on the Cliffs

By Joseph Crawford Goblin Stone 5e Level 3 It’s been fifty years since the curse struck Kennmouth. Since then, few have dared brave the dangers of the abandoned village. Even fewer came back in one piece. Kathryn Reed has her … Continue reading

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The Exfiltrators

God is dead and everything is sex. By Lance Hawvermale Hawvermale Paper & Pen 1e/2e Levels 5-7 One of the doomed souls within Velgate Prison is innocent, but the only way to free him is to infiltrate the prison. And … Continue reading

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Gardens of Ynn

By Emmy Allen Dying Stylishly Games 1e Level 3-5 The Gardens of Ynn is a point-crawl adventure set in an ever-shifting extradimensional garden. Each expedition generates its route as it explores, resulting in new vistas being unlocked with every visit. … Continue reading

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The Oracle of Basylthor

By Walter J. Jones Jr. New Realms Publishing Generic Your boots scrape off the bloodstained flagstones as you step into hall. Fluted columns rise to support a arched ceiling lost in the shadows. A scrape of leather on stone and … Continue reading

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Rando Stuff I bought three weeks ago

There’s trouble right here in Bryce City my friend. Boring details aside, that means I ended up buying about $40 of stuff from my DriveThru wishlist. They don’t fit the adventure category, which is why some of them have been … Continue reading

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Inferno: Oasis of Koessa

By Paul Elkmann/Geoffrey O. Dale Spellbook Games 1e/Portal to Adventure Level 10+ “Oasis of Koessa is an adventure set on the Seventh Circle of Hell, the Desert of Fire, can be used as a projection of Hell into the Material … Continue reading

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