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Dungeon Magazine #84

The Harrowing By Monte Cook D&D Level 15 While wandering in the forest you see some dead birds. Following them leads to a cave complex, and then a gate to the demonweb. This is quite a long adventure, taking up … Continue reading

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The Stink of Golanda

By Steve Willett Polyhedron Games OSRIC Levels 9-11 Golanda, the Kingdom of Hope, devoted to the good of its people and all people. It’s knights travel Ropa looking for service in just causes. Its priests roam the continent healing the … Continue reading

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Night of the Mad Kobold

By Dave Olson Cut to the Chase Games 5e Level 1 The town of Cresthill enjoys a favorable location along the winding Graywand River. Trade is good, and the prominent gnomes of House Kelver run most of the businesses to … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #83

Deep Freeze By Cameron Widen D&D Level 2 Joy. An asylum. I’ll put this in the pile of museum and archeology dig adventures I’ve collected. You’re hired to find some missing people who were to deliver supplies to an asylum. … Continue reading

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Smuggler’s Run

By Dylan Held Pick Up & Go Games Crypts & Creatures Levels 1-2 Welcome to Smugglers Run. An adventure designed for four to five players from levels one to two. Smuggler’s Run, once considered the primary pipeline for Corinthean contraband … Continue reading

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The Wizard’s Tomb

By Vincent Howard Second Thought Games Generic/Universal Levels 7-9 The players have come into possession of a magical circlet. Its powers are tied to a long-dead Wizard, who calls to the possessor of the circlet from Beyond. A search for … Continue reading

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The Seer

By Ron Lundeen WOTC 5e Level 4 The time has come to venture beyond the village of Oras?nou and explore the realm of Barovia. However, in your travels, you happen across an unusual tribe of people–distrusted denizens of the Demiplane … Continue reading

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Dungeon Magazine #82

The King is Dead. Long Live the King. The tribulation^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H 3e-era has begun. Evil Unearthed By Ed Stark 3E Level 1 Oh, to yearn for the days of 2E adventures … A letter from a friend asking for help summons … Continue reading

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The Goblin Market

By Dave Tackett Quasar Dragon Games OSR Levels 10-12 A wave of pain and death sweeps over the town of Sligo during a festive faire and market, causing fear and panic. As the characters investigate this horror, they find that … Continue reading

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The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil

By L. Kevin Watson Dark Naga Adventures 5e & OSR Levels 4-6 The small town of Boldon, and its surrounding villages are afraid. Dozens of people are missing, some speculate lost to some nefarious purpose. A broken drunkard tells fantastic … Continue reading

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